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Vulcan Roastery | ETHIOSAR - BRAZIL Coffee Beans 250g

Vulcan Roastery | ETHIOSAR - BRAZIL Coffee Beans 250g

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Another coffee to hit the shelves is a Brazillian coffee from Carmo de Minas, Fazenda Santuário Sul. A coffee that changes your mind about Brazilian coffees!

The sanctuary farm is a project that was born from a goal of being ahead of market trends. It is not easy to begin planning with plans to bring coffee from different regions of the world to generate a new profile of Brazilian coffee.

Very carefully, the varieties planted there are monitored closely to be able to offer the best result within the climatic conditions of the region. In addition, Luiz Paulo himself makes sure to always taste the first samples of each of these coffees.

The Ethiosar variety is a hybrid of the Ethiopian variety Rume Sudan and Sarchimor, whose offspring is then re-crossed with a Villa Sarchi. Prized for its productivity, disease resistance, and cup quality, it also performs well grown at lower elevation.

  • Producer: Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira
  • Region: Carmo De Minas
  • Process Method: Natural Fermented
  • Altitude: 1300 MASL
  • Cultivar: Ethiosar
  • Available in Espresso Roast & Filter Roast  

Filter coffee Roasting Date:  22-09-2021

Espresso coffee Roating Date: 06-7-2021

    Flavor Notes: Exotic, Winey, Cookie Dough, Quince, Mango



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