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Puly Green Grinder Cleaner

Puly Green Grinder Cleaner

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  • 10 x 15g Doses per box 

Using Puly Grind is as easy as grinding coffee beans – just add the crystals in your grinder and grind like you normally would!


Clean your grinder blades with Puly grind, to ensure the rancid coffee oils don't contaminate the fresh coffee.Keeps the blades sharper by removing built up residue.Easy to use 

imply run the cleaning crystals through your grinder in place of coffee beans to prolong the life of your equipment.   There is no need to change the grinder settings.

  • Professional Coffee Grinder Cleaning Crystals.
  • Made in Italy and specially designed to quickly and efficiently clean your coffee equipment.
  • Puly Green grind cleaner is perfect for Superautomatics  and coffee machines with built-in grinder.
  • Not need to change the burrs setting.
  • Removes oily deposits, mold and build up.
  • Absorbs and destroys rancid coffee oils .
  • Food safe
  • Gluten free, contains no binding agents or filler.
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