LOVERAMICS | Bond |  Cups & Saucer | Teal | 80ml Espresso

LOVERAMICS | Bond | Cups & Saucer | Teal | 80ml Espresso

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The BOND features a super "round continuous curve" inside profile that allows the aroma to develop to its fullest. The ultra-thick wall of the cup makes it super durable and maintains the temperature of the coffee. The cup further retains the heat by its heat trap design created by the extra space at the base. The avant-garde handle modifies the cups center of gravity, giving you balance when pouring your latte art and comfort when drinking.
  • Classic with a contemporary twist, practical and ergonomic handle
  • Sleek Straight sided design
  • Commercial grade high fired coloured porcelain at 1300c
  • Rounded inside profile allows a fuller flavour to develop
  • Heat trap design
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