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April Roastery | Brazil Compostable Coffee Capsule

April Roastery | Brazil Compostable Coffee Capsule

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Natural process Rubi from Fazenda  Esperanca , Brazil

Each box comes with 10 compostable capsules. All of our capsules are created to taste the best as "short volume brews" and for the optimal result, we recommend a brew-time of 10 seconds (with a volume of 22-26g espresso).

The aim is to create a transparent flavour experience that represents the partner farms we are working with around the world. We put extra focus on creating a juicy & clean mouthfeel. The capsules will have a lighter body than traditional Capsules. Always stir before drinking.

The material we are using for our Capsules is Natural Lignin, which is a wood pulp derivative, categorized as Industrially Compostable. Place it in your trash bin for compostable waste.

We recommend setting your brew time for 10 seconds (or 20-25g of liquid) when using April Compostable Capsules. Always use water suitable for coffee brewing. 

  • Location: Brazil
  • Farm: Fazenda Esperança
  • Producer: Bruno Souza
  • Varietal: Rubi
  • Growing Altitude: 1200 masl
  • Processing Method: Natural
  • Roast Profile: Medium (creating a rich and sweet character) 

Flavor Notes: Yellow Plums, Milk Chocolate, and Roasted hazelnuts.

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