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Vulcan Roastery | TATMARA - ETHIOPIA Coffee Beans 250g

Vulcan Roastery | TATMARA - ETHIOPIA Coffee Beans 250g

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The Tatmara Coffee Plantation is situated near Bonga, the capital city of Kaffa in Ethiopia. Negussie Tadesse is the owner of the farm and bought the land and started farming coffee in 2010. The 80-hectare farm is basically a native forest. Negussie doesn’t use any agricultural inputs or agrochemicals. The only work he is doing on the farm is to cut weeds manually in order to control the weeds and also make cover for the ground (mulch) to prevent the soil from drying out. He prunes the coffee trees and renews some of the old coffee trees that were already planted on the farm before he purchased the land. Due to the native forest canopy, the soil is really rich in organic material and microorganisms which help feed the coffee plants. This most likely contributes to the very high-quality coffees from this farm. Good cultivars (74110 and 74112), shade cover, and ideal climatic growing conditions also help create unique coffees that in our opinion are unmatched outside of Ethiopia. There is no use of mineral fertilizers on the farm and Negussie is working on getting his farm Organic certified in the next few years. Negussie has recently started experimenting with the so-called honey process. Under this method, the beans are pulped but then fermented and dried without using water to remove the entire mucilage.

  • Producer:  Negussie Tadesse
  • Region: Bonga, Kaffa
  • Process Method: Natural
  • Altitude: 1930-2100 m
  • Cultivar: 74112
  • Espresso Roast

Roating Date: 21-7-2021                      

    Flavor Notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Berries, Peach, Jasmine Tea



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